we just keep living

I am stitched together with skin and bones and heartfelt wishes and half-written stories. My hands are shaky and my breath is weak, but my heart it just keeps beating. Yes, there are days that I just want to give up and spend my life as a hermit, never talking, never having any human contact, never doing anything more than reading books and getting lost in my own little world, but I never stop breathing. “You can’t get hurt if you don’t depend on anyone.” And, oh, I’m getting so tired of being hurt. My heart, it just keeps beating inside this broken little chest of mine, no matter how many times a day I feel like giving up. It’s funny how the heart keeps beating and we keep breathing even when we no longer want to. The body refuses to give up even when every last bit of hope has been beaten out of our weary little hearts. It continues to fight even when we no longer raise our hands to defend ourselves against life’s blows. There’s beauty in that, isn’t there?

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